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With every purchase at Wiresoft you support the Kinderschutzbund.

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Microsoft Licensing Professional (MLP)

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Despite numerous successors still popular and in use in many networks: Windows 7 Professional runs on many computers, which is no doubt due to its reliability and stability. Many additional programs can also be used without problems on Windows 7 Professional and related editions. Especially the Professional edition offers a lot of features, which still play an important role in SMEs, among others the practical XP mode, which offers the continuous use of older system components and is therefore an important reason for purchase for many users.

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Windows 7 Professional - the innovative Microsoft operating system for business professionals as used software

Despite numerous successors, it is still popular and used in many networks: Windows 7 Professional runs on many computers, which is undoubtedly due to its reliability and stability. Many additional programs can also be used on Windows 7 Professional and related editions. The Professional Edition in particular offers a number of features that still play an important role in SMEs, including the practical XP Mode, which offers continuous use of older system components and is therefore an important reason for many users to buy.

The purchase of the Windows 7 Professional Edition operating system offers the great advantage that on the one hand it can be used on older hardware systems, and on the other hand it has a high compatibility with older Microsoft programs. In the Wiresoft online shop you will find Windows 7 Professional as single user license in the purchase version as well as other editions and newer Windows operating systems and many other compatible Microsoft programs. The following overview introduces the most important new features of Windows 7 Professional as well as the most important general characteristics of Windows 7.

Windows 7 Professional - with features for business professionals

With the Professional Edition of Windows 7, companies and professional users are provided with a number of additional functions compared to the other editions, which significantly expand the application scope of the Microsoft operating system. The most important feature is the already mentioned Windows XP mode for higher compatibility, but also the domain entry offers greater security especially in companies:

Windows XP Mode

With the XP Mode Windows 7 does not connect to older operating system versions such as the name-giving XP, but on the contrary ensures the continuity of business processes: This means that older business programs based on Windows XP can continue to run directly on the Windows 7 desktop, which is a major advantage of Windows 7 Professional, especially for SMEs for which XP Mode was primarily developed. Vista drivers also work with it.

The XP mode was consequently developed for programs that no longer function even in compatibility mode. It works as a virtual machine running Windows Virtual PC, a version of Virtual PC that has been specially enhanced for Windows 7.

By default, the drives of the main computer are still available as network drives. New drives and USB devices connected to them are automatically detected in XP mode, and the Windows 7 clipboard and XP mode can be used simultaneously. This means that older hardware used via USB for which no driver is available can continue to be used without any problems. The only restriction is that in XP Mode, the other 3D acceleration has to be omitted.

XP Mode is available as a separate download, just like Virtual PC, but can only be used with at least Windows 7 Professional. It consists of Virtual PC, the Microsoft virtualization software, and the virtual hard disk (VHD) with XP SP3. Further requirements are a CPU such as AMD-V or Intel-VT, which supports native virtualization, and 2 GB RAM.

Joining the domain

Domain joining in Windows 7 Professional connects a computer outside a company to the computer network at work. This allows users to use the resources available there, while admins can manage the PCs connected via access rights etc. The domain joining offers more efficiency and at the same time a higher security.

Windows 7 Professional makes domain joining not only safe but also easy: The user-friendly wizard guides users through all the necessary steps.

Location-based printing

It doesn't sound like much, but it is a very practical feature in everyday work: the location-based printing included in Windows 7 Professional is very practical, especially when working at different locations with different networks, which therefore have different printers at the ready: Preferred printer-network pairs can be configured using this function; Windows 7 Professional automatically selects the right default printer depending on the network connection.

Windows Touch

Windows 7 offers improved touch technology. It allows users to browse online issues of magazines and photo albums on their devices and to arrange files and folders on the desktop. And in Windows Paint, users can now paint with their finger. Windows Touch also recognizes multi-finger movements, for example to enlarge pictures; even right-clicking can be done by touch, where one finger taps a specific item while the second finger taps the screen.

General new features of the Windows 7 version

In general, the appearance of Windows 7 has also been revised, including some frequently used features. This applies especially to the desktop or the display of the program windows and their adjustment, but also to the performance of games and the playback of videos etc.

More overview and efficiency

The desktop display already contains a number of practical innovations and details that make the use of Windows 7 simplify and make it more convenient.

  • The taskbar preview for starting programs and switching between windows has been reworked and can be customized. Among the new features are the full-screen preview windows as well as the larger icons or icons, whose resolution can also be adjusted according to the screen size.
  • The new Jump Lists take users directly to recently used programs, files, songs and web pages, as well as frequently used functions; they are available with a right mouse click. Missing or additional files can also be "pinned" additionally.
  • Windows Search makes finding locally stored documents, music tracks, e-mails and pictures even faster and easier. As soon as a user begins to enter a search term in the search field of the start menu, the Windows 7 will display a list of all relevant results. In addition, the search can be further narrowed down by specifications such as date, file type, etc. Sorting by category and highlighting keywords or text passages makes the search even clearer. External hard drives, network PCs and libraries can also be searched.

Improved Aero Design and Aero Glass

In order to create more clarity when windows are open, the already known Aero design has been improved and supplemented, they are still displayed in transparent Aero Glass mode:

  • Aero Peek shows all windows except the one marked as transparent frame by clicking on it - this gives you a better overview and thus a faster orientation.
  • The new Aero Snap function speeds up the automatic arrangement of windows. Quickly dragging to an edge of the screen activates Aero Snap. Depending on whether the movement is left or right or up or down, a window is enlarged half or full page.
  • Aero Shake, on the other hand, displays only the program window currently in use in large format. The user grabs it with the mouse at the title bar and "shakes" it with a quick wipe movement: all other open windows are minimized and only the fixed one remains visible.

DirectX 11 - the Windows 7 gaming interface

DirectX 11 is the new multimedia component that brings not only higher performance and more speed, but also greater efficiency - this is particularly noticeable in PC games, but also brings benefits to other graphic applications, such as videos, through multimedia acceleration:

  • Tiled Resources provides a virtual memory that accelerates games by loading high-resolution elements of the display only when they are actually used.
  • Tessellation dissolves 3D surfaces already created by the graphics card processor (GPU) into additional polygons, thus achieving a higher level of detail without putting a strain on the system.
  • Multithreaded Rendering allows parallel rendering of a 3D surface by multiple processor cores.
  • With Shader Model 5, the GPU can also perform normal computing tasks that would otherwise be the responsibility of the main processor (CPU).

Enhanced multimedia experience

Windows 7 makes it even easier to share and experience multimedia content, including the following features:

  • By configuring homegroups in Windows 7, it's easier to share pictures, videos, and music lists between PCs, as well as printers. This feature eliminates the need to assign NTFS user rights. It connects two or more Windows 7 PCs with a common 10-character key and instantly shares all shared data with all connected users. The homegroup is always bound to the Windows and not to a specific user. By linking your own Windows Live ID to your local user account, you can extend the homegroup to defined Live users.
  • With the Windows Media Center will make watching TV even more convenient: whether watching live TV directly, or pausing for a moment on the phone or recording a program when you are away. The Windows Media Center supports many global TV standards and formats, such as digital TV and HD. The new scrolling feature allows you to switch between titles or shows more quickly, and videos can be checked in quick succession, including better preview thumbnails.
  • Playback of audio and video in 3GP, AAC, AVCHD, DivX, MOV and Xvid formats is also supported.

Other new features in Windows 7 Professional and other editions

Windows 7 also has a lot to offer in the technical area, which accelerates the use of the operating system and thus also contributes to an improved user experience:

  • USB devices or portable flash drives are made available even faster than before with Windows 7.
  • Reduced load: Background services that take up the performance of Windows 7 are only run when they are needed. This also applies to the Bluetooth service, if not activated.
  • The 64-bit support allows processing of larger amounts of data. Not only some programs, but also their number is better handled by a 64-bit system.
  • Improved power management through less background activity and power-saving DVD playback.
  • 3 predefined power saving options "balanced", "high performance" and "power saving mode" allow individual adjustment of resource consumption.
  • The new maintenance center offers more security by monitoring the status of the integrated virus scanner and firewall
  • If supported by the hardware, Windows 7 offers biometric authentication by fingerprint by default, both for logon and rights management.
  • Support for more pre-installed codecs - including H.264, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 (DivX and Xvid), AAC, as well as the container formats MOV and MP4 and color profiles with 30 and 48 bit color depth.
  • Windows PowerShell is already pre-installed in Windows 7. PowerShell offers automation, configuration, and management of systems, as well as a development environment for command line scripts.
  • Remote Desktop Connection (RDS): Via Remote Desktop a controlled computer can be operated via the network as if the user were sitting directly in front of it, including access to all programs and files. The only condition is that at least Windows 7 Professional is installed on the remote computer.

Hardware requirements for Windows 7 Professional and others

For Windows 7 Professional to run properly on a computer, it must meet certain hardware requirements. Windows 7 Professional is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions, but some features are only available with the 64-bit version. The following hardware specifications must be met when installing Windows 7:

  • Processor: 32 bit (x86) or 64 bit (x64) with 1 GHz
  • Working memory: 1 GB RAM (32 bit) or 2 GB RAM (64 bit)
  • Hard disk space: 16 GB (32 bit) or 20 GB (64 bit)
  • Graphic: DirectX-9 capable graphics card with 128 MB VRAM (for Aero Design), WDDM 1.0

Windows 7 Professional from Wiresoft buy cheaply in our online shop

Despite its popularity in traditional retail,Windows 7 Professional is hardly offered as a new single license. In the Wiresoft online shop you can buy the Windows 7 Edition Professional as so-called used software - it is identical to the original software product. The offered single license of Windows 7 Professional Edition was formerly part of a volume license of a European company. Due to its legal resale it was converted into single licenses and then offered as used software. Neither the splitting of the volume license nor the labeling as used software means disadvantages regarding the functionality of this Windows 7 Professional desktop operating system, among other things also because software is not subject to wear and tear.

Buying software is always cheap and safe with Wiresoft! Wiresoft therefore only sells original Microsoft Windows 7 Professional software. The purchase of used software offered in the Wiresoft software shop does not represent a legal risk, because trading is clearly permitted by law, which is proven by legally binding judgements. Therefore you can download and install the Windows 7 Professional software immediately after successful completion of the purchase process and activate it with the volume license key that is only valid for you.

The purchase of used software such as the Windows 7 Professional desktop operating system at Wiresoft offers our customers a favourable alternative to many current software offers. Our customers are mainly SMEs and organizations, but also self-employed persons and private individuals who already benefit from our inexpensive software offer!

In the Wiresoft software shop you will find Windows 7 Professional, newer versions of this Windows desktop operating system and other Microsoft programs as inexpensive used software for immediate download. If you have any questions about this or any other Microsoft software, simply use our competent advice in the chat or by e-mail or telephone.

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