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Microsoft Licensing Professional (MLP)

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System  Windows (32bit/64bit)
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Project 2019 Professional is the versatile, proven project management system for larger companies and organizations that features a wide range of practical business functions for planning, managing as well as controlling projects. Typical Enterprise-Project Management (EPM) requirements include requirements, multi-project and portfolio management, as well as risk and document management, and centralized resource planning, time tracking, access management and reporting via Microsoft SQL Server. As a result, Project 2019 Professional is also designed for seamless compatibility with many other Microsoft applications and cloud services.

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MS Project 2019 Professional - the project management software as purchase version

Project 2019 Professional is the versatile, proven project management system for larger companies and organisations, offering a wide range of practical business functions for planning, managing and controlling projects. Typical Enterprise Project Management (EPM) requirements include requirements, multi-project and portfolio management, risk and document management, central resource planning, time tracking, access management and reporting via Microsoft SQL Server. Therefore, Project 2019 Professional was also designed for seamless compatibility with many other Microsoft applications and cloud services.

Project 2019 Professional can be used to control the typical process groups for initiating, planning, monitoring, controlling, executing, and completing projects as defined by the PMI standard. It provides answers to all the important questions required to successfully achieve a project goal, the answers to which are among the decisive competitive factors in today's everyday business life, such as the type of work required for this purpose, the necessary scope as well as the use of resources in terms of time, as well as information on the workload, necessary or missing competencies and capacities, the actual effort, the budget and the costs.

Microsoft Project 2019 Professional is usually only available as a volume license, but Wiresoft also offers this edition in the form of used software as a single license for purchase. This offers many smaller companies the economic possibility to use this Microsoft professional software. In the Wiresoft Software-Onlineshop you will find besides Project 2019 Professional also single licenses of other MS Project 2019 editions or versions as purchase version as well as further Microsoft programs, which complement the comprehensive use of MS Project. The following overview shows the most important optimizations and new features of the Project 2019 Professional edition.

Exclusive features of the Project 2019 Professional Edition

Compared to the Standard Edition, the Professional Edition of MS Project 2019 offers a number of exclusive features that are especially important for larger companies in project management: Project 2019 Professional works together with Skype for Business, MS SharePoint and the Project Server, which enables a more comprehensive communication than before. The edition can also be used in connection with a Project Server and Project Online. In addition, many integrated templates and typical planning tools already contribute to increasing the productivity of teams. The Professional Edition also has additional views such as the Team Planner for a better overview.

Improved Portfolio Management

MS Project 2019 Professional also features an improved portfolio management to keep track of many projects. Thus, project managers can immediately see whether a project is running according to plan or whether support is needed. Further displays for budget management and schedules provide a better structural overview for management, and seamless integration with Power BI provides analysis functions including suggested solutions in critical situations.

Comprehensive resource management

The tools integrated in Project 2019 Professional make resource management and planning even more transparent. In addition, typical types of resources such as "work", "material" and "costs" can be calculated and used even more effectively, allowing you to create them in a resource pool and assign them to individual activities, especially for cross-project planning, while taking time constraints and possible overloads into account. Thanks to the clearly arranged activity and time recording, all activities can be updated locally independently and team leaders always know the current status quo via the activity path marked in a Gantt diagram. For this purpose, the context-related user interface offers the possibility of organizing and linking processes in a targeted manner and creating corresponding time axes.

Real-time communication

The integration of Skype for Business and instant messaging enables real-time communication, making teamwork even more efficient. By enabling them directly in a project plan, all project resources are now consolidated into a single view.

What else is new in MS Project Professional 2019 - The most important features

Project 2019 also shows a visual difference to the previous version: with the attractive new, clearer desktop display interface. This includes various optimizations of existing functions as well as some new features that support users in particular with new, customizable reports for visualizing project data, improved team communication with the integrated Lync functions and easier tracking of Gantt charts, the current Standard for new projects in MS Project Professional 2019 for visualizing tasks and their relationships and the schedule.

Quick access to new projects

Project creation with just a few clicks: Project 2019 offers a portfolio of predefined templates, and you can also start with an empty Gantt chart; you can also import data from Excel or SharePoint. For the visualization of project data in the form of reports, a new template set of typical reports is available directly in Project 2019, which can be supplemented with images and diagrams, but also animations, to share information about the project status with other members of the team.

Especially in MS Project Professional 2019 there are also Burndown standard reports available, which are an important part of agile project management, especially Scrum, to compare planned, remaining and completed work.

Link tasks using the drop-down menu

Linking tasks in MS Project Professional 2019 is now even easier than in the previous version: Instead of having to know the ID of a task to which the link is to be created, it is now sufficient to select the relevant cell in the "Predecessor" column and then click on the downward-pointing arrow that appears. A list of all the tasks in the project is immediately displayed. Because the task hierarchy and order are exactly the same as the project, users only need to scroll to the appropriate task and select the checkbox. A task of the same type can also be selected in the "Successor" column from the drop-down list displayed.

Using the "Collective Task Name" field

To find a specific task in a larger list in the overall plan of a project, the field "Collective task name" can be used in MS Project Professional 2019. This field contains the names of all summary tasks assigned to the individual tasks. To improve the clarity of the project structure by displaying the names of the immediate repeating tasks associated with the resource assignments, the read-only task name field can be added to the table area of the Resource Usage view.

Timeline Bar with Labels and Task Progress

MS Project Professional 2019 makes it even easier to communicate the progress of a project: A caption can now be added to a timeline bar, making it easier to understand. The task progress can now also be displayed directly at the respective tasks, which improves the display of plans as well as the tasks currently being processed as soon as a status has been released.

Accessibility in Project 2019

In addition, Project 2019 Professional Edition contains (not only) further accessibility improvements for users with a handicap. Numerous accessibility features are already integrated in Project 2019 and do not need to be activated separately. For example, the "Zoom" button can be used to adjust the degree of scaling in the bar display so that the bars are shown with an enlarged time window. The buttons on the menu bar can also be enlarged so that they are easier to recognise. The "Screen magnifier" can also be used as an alternative to "Zoom". The text colour can also be adapted and a user-defined colour palette created, and the font and font size can be changed.

Basic functions in MS Project 2019 can also be accessed via the keyboard. Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) is used as an entry aid for the keyboard to display information. In addition, certain areas in MS Project 2019 Professional can also be controlled via Windows speech recognition or read aloud via speech output.

The spell checker automatically corrects typical spelling and typing errors, and various entries in a column can be completed automatically. Frequently used, complex processes can be automated via a macro, which generally speeds up work on a project.

Hardware and other requirements for Microsoft Project 2019 Professional

Since Project Server 2019 Professional is a service application in SharePoint Server 2019, the Professional Edition can only be activated for the Enterprise version of MS SharePoint Server 2019. The base language is automatically adapted to both applications - Project Server 2019 and SharePoint Server 2019. Furthermore, the following minimum requirements apply:

  • Operating systems: Windows 10, Windows Server 2019
  • Processor: min. 1.6 GHz, Dual Core
  • Working memory: 2 GB RAM (32 bit) or 4 GB RAM (64 bit)
  • Hard disk space: 4 GB
  • Screen resolution: 1,280 x 768 pixels
  • Graphics card: for graphics hardware acceleration at least DirectX 9 with WDDM 2.0 or higher for Windows 10
  • Browser: Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox in the current versions
  • .NET version: for some functions at least .NET 3.5 or 4.6 is required

Buy the MS Project 2019 Professional Edition as single license from Wiresoft

The MS Project 2019 Professional Software is offered in the Wiresoft online shop as a single license at a lower price than "new" programs than so-called used software. This license of the MS Project 2019 Professional Edition is an MS Project Professional volume license of a company, which was dissolved with the sale and converted into single licenses; consequently, it is then referred to as Used Software. All Microsoft Project 2019 Professional and other licenses offered by Wiresoft come from companies located in Europe and are therefore subject to the jurisdiction valid in the EU. This states that the trade with used software is allowed by law, which is clearly confirmed by numerous court decisions. The purchase of MS Project 2019 Professional or any other Microsoft program as used software in the Wiresoft Software Shop is therefore no legal problem for you. In addition, neither the splitting of the volume license nor the marking of this MS Project 2019 Professional software as used software means any restrictions regarding its functionality.

Every software purchase is therefore always safe for you at Wiresoft! Therefore, the license of MS Project 2019 Professional available in the Wiresoft Shop is not only at an absolutely favourable price, but also offers you security with your purchase by the immediate download as well as the immediate license activation with a valid volume license key included. The purchase of single licenses for used software like MS Project 2019 Professional Edition in the Wiresoft Software Shop offers our customers a low-priced alternative to other offers of this software, and thus the possibility to use exclusive Microsoft program editions.

In the Wiresoft Software-Shop you will find besides the MS Project 2019 Professional Edition also other versions of MS Project as well as other Microsoft applications, e.g. compatible versions of SQL-Server, as used software for immediate download. If you have any questions about MS Project 2019 Professional or one of the other Microsoft programs offered, simply use our competent advice in the chat or by e-mail or telephone.

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