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Microsoft Licensing Professional (MLP)

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MS Office 2016 Professional Plus is the most comprehensive edition of Microsoft Office version 2016, it contains all the programs needed in a company not only to manage the usual daily project tasks, but also to communicate effectively with others and manage large databases: In addition to the classic Office programs Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, Professional Plus also offers OneNote and Publisher options for digitally recording ideas and inspirations and sharing them with others, as well as professionally designing and publishing publications for advertising and other purposes.

For further questions about the product, please contact our customer service.


MS Office 2016 Professional Plus - the decisive more for business

MS Office 2016 Professional Plus is the most comprehensive edition of the Microsoft Office-Version 2016, it contains all the programs that are needed in a company, not only to manage the usual daily project tasks, but also to communicate effectively with others and manage extensive databases: In addition to the classic Office-programs Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, Professional Plus offers with OneNote and Publisher ways to digitally capture and share ideas and inspirations, as well as professionally design and publish publications for advertising and other purposes.

The decisive plus of this Office edition, however, is the integration of Access, the software for the uncomplicated creation of database applications, and, above all, as an exclusive component: Skype for Business - for a wide range of possibilities in communication.

All programs included in Office 2016 Professional Plus:

  • Word 2016 - create texts in many formats for business and personal use
  • Excel 2016 - complex calculations for accounting, statistics and more
  • PowerPoint 2016 - create informative presentations
  • Outlook 2016 - for organizing e-mails and contacts as well as planning appointments and tasks
  • OneNote 2016 - capture notes on the fly and share them with others
  • Publisher 2016 - design all types of print media to be printable
  • Access 2016 - design database applications for business
  • Skype for Business 2016 - secure and diverse communication options

Office 2016 Professional Plus generally also offers some innovations over the previous version - including the following features:

  • New Office-designs are available for all editions, with which the individual programs can be individually designed in terms of color: In the "Dark Grey" mode, strong contrasts make working easier, while the "Coloured" design brings a modern look.
  • With the intelligent wizards "Insights" the Bing search is linked with individual Office-Programs, while "Tell Me" makes finding editing features even faster.
  • OneDrive and SharePoint connect Office users in the cloud - for flexible, secure provision and real-time collaboration on documents.
  • Data Loss Protection (DLP) offers the possibility to centrally create policies for Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents in order to regulate the use and release of sensitive data.

The Office 2016 Professional Plus edition was not originally designed for individual customers and is therefore normally only available as a volume license, as used in larger companies. At Wiresoft, single users, such as the self-employed, or SMEs can also purchase the Office-Edition Professional Plus 2016 as a single license.

Buying this Professional Plus edition has the advantage that versions of Office 2016 are still supported by older Microsoft operating systems from Windows 7 onwards; this makes it particularly interesting for those buyers who are not using a current version of Windows. In Wiresoft Onlineshop you can get besides Office 2016 Professional Plus as a purchase version (without subscription!) also the Standard Edition as a single license. A detailed overview of all single programs included in Office 2016 Professional Plus can be found below.

Single programs of the edition Office 2016 Professional Plus

Each program of the Office 2016 Professional Plus Edition covers a separate business area with its specific functions - supplemented by many optimizations and new features:

Word in Office 2016 Professional Plus

The Word program in Office 2016 Professional Plus fulfills all classic tasks in written communication - at the workplace or online in the cloud. In addition to more templates, Word offers several new features:

  • Open PDF in Word: PDFs can now be opened directly in Word 2016. This eliminates the need to copy images and graphics, even formatting and fonts are adopted. The Word document can also be saved in PDF format again.
  • More options with WordArt shapes : The WordArt shapes for designing text offer even more options in Word 2016: Texts can be transformed in different shapes or freely to fit graphical elements, etc.
  • Real-time input: The optimized real-time input makes simultaneous work on a Word document even clearer: All employees can immediately see the changes made by other users and also correct them if necessary.
  • Comment function: The optimized comment function offers the possibility to reply to individual comments directly in the same field, which significantly improves clarity.
  • Pinned folder: The folder under which each Word document was saved can be pinned as an icon and accessed - even by other employees.

Excel 2016 for Office Professional Plus

Excel 2016 expands the possibilities in complex calculations and analysis of data with practical functions and new types of graphics in visualization:

  • The program suggests the most suitable chart types for each calculation operation currently being performed as soon as the user highlights the corresponding data with the mouse, and shows them in the live preview.
  • New calculation functions available in Excel 2016 include PROGNOSE.ETS to generate, in particular, short-term future forecasts including best & worst cases. Interactive charts such as the drill-down navigation used in Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) are available for pivot tables, and the LET function improves readability within a formula. The new view filter can be used to hide other users' filters.
  • The following new chart types are now available in Excel when visualizing calculations: With the histogram, frequency distributions of certain classes can be displayed. As a special form, the Pareto chart is available here to show values both absolutely and relatively in column form. The waterfall diagram is also a column diagram, which can be used to display positive or negative changes in an initial value. The treemap displays individual ratios in a hierarchical structure, while the sunburst chart displays hierarchical data concentrically, allowing you to show relationships. And the boxplot or box chart is used to visualize data as quartiles and medians in statistical analyses.

PowerPoint for Office 2016 Professional Plus

PowerPoint offers in the Office-Version 2016 even more choice in the design of presentation slides as well as new features when presenting:

  • Already when inserting a graphic or illustration into a slide, PowerPoint Designer suggests various design options that are applied immediately with a click.
  • To create dynamic transitions between slides, the morph function can be used to animate images or graphics, as well as individual words and even entire texts.
  • During a presentation, the brush tool can be used instead of the laser pointer to highlight individual terms or graphics etc. on a slide. The original PowerPoint document is not changed, because the tool is used in presentation mode.
  • Time management becomes even easier with the time tracking tool , as it always shows the available time, so that a given time frame can be better adhered to.
  • The sharing feature makes it even easier to publish presentations to social media channels for other interested parties.

Outlook in Office 2016 Professional Plus

Outlook 2016 makes the management of communication data and the planning of tasks and appointments even more efficient. Various filter functions not only manage email traffic, but also make it easier to search for content, contacts or documents:

  • The Clutter function sorts the inbox according to important and unimportant e-mails, automatically deactivating potentially dangerous content and links. Clutter analyzes the behavior of a user according to which e-mails are read first, later or not at all, and thus continuously improves the sorting criteria.
  • A virtual search folder lists all results of a search that match a predefined criterion - e-mails, personal data and contacts, etc. - together.
  • The address book automatically suggests matching contacts from the address book when entering the first letters of a name in a new e-mail, or those with whom the sender of the e-mail communicates frequently when clicking in the "To" field.
  • When sending attachments , Outlook 2016 suggests a list of all recently used files when you click "Attach file". Each attachment includes a drop-down menu to open, save, copy, or delete.
  • Instead of attachments, files can be sent via OneDrive and SharePoint can be sent as links if they are stored there, this speeds up sending and reduces the amount of data in the email box of both sender and recipient.

OneNote in Office 2016 Professional Plus

OneNote is the popular digital notebook that can conveniently be used on smartphones and tablets to capture or store and share your own ideas, as well as images, web pages, etc. from the Internet. OneNote notebooks can also be stored on OneDrive and thus shared with other users. The other advantages:

  • OneNote can be synced across all devices. On touch-enabled devices, texts etc. can also be entered with the finger or a digital pen.
  • The integrated text and speech recognition also searches images (e.g. screenshots), video and voice files for keywords.
  • OneNote can be integrated with other Office programs to take notes, etc. directly from them.
  • Content from Internet sources is automatically linked to the original source. Notes can also be linked together.

Publisher in Office 2016 Professional Plus

Microsoft Publisher is the versatile Office program to create all kinds of print media in print output quality. The publishing software is an extra part of the Office 2016 Professional Plus edition and is not included in most other editions.

The intuitive layout tools, arranged in a user-friendly way on the user interface, support users in designing a variety of document types as well as in image editing.

Effects such as shadows, glows, reflections, etc. are available for images as well as for texts in order to change their appearance. For editing multiple images, a separate column is available in the design area. Using drag & drop, these can be easily exchanged or inserted from the Microsoft ClipArt library, via Bing image search from the Internet or an online photo album. Other Publisher 2016 functions and features:

  • When opening the program, design templates in common formats as well as typical building blocks -such as headings, text frames and columns, etc. - are available for various document types: from simpler A4 flyers to multi-page brochures and catalogs. All predefined elements of a template can be individually adapted and saved so that they are available again for further publications.
  • Publisher offers scalable SVG vector graphics and 3D objects that can be enlarged or rotated 360 degrees without losing sharpness.
  • With the ruler function, texts and graphics can be placed in a document with millimetre precision.
  • The text field tool indicates when a longer text is inserted into a text frame that is too small; individual text fields can also be linked with it so that the text is automatically distributed across them when inserted.

Access in Office 2016 Professional Plus

Access 2016 is the practical Microsoft software to design your own databases for project management, as well as merchandise management, and other tasks in a relatively straightforward way in a company. With its intuitive tools and features, Access is designed to be used commercially by business users as well as individuals. The database software is an extra component of the Office 2016 Professional Plus edition and is not included in almost all other Office editions.

Due to the clear arrangement of functions, sorted by application areas, and the Access files, users can quickly find their way around; for example, the start screen shows the most recently used databases, which are immediately available with a click, while the list of commands displayed in the ribbon can be individually configured according to one's own wishes, including access for frequently used functions. Numerous templates are available in Access 2016 to create database applications for typical tasks quickly and easily.

Microsoft Access 2016 also offers the option of developing database-based applications (apps) for mobile devices, which are accessible to other employees via the SharePoint connection. In addition, the following features and tools are available in the 2016 version of Access:

  • Database queries in Access 2016 are enhanced by the use of wildcards - so-called jokers, such as * ? # - for unknown elements of a data set.
  • When importing tables from different database sources, Access 2016 supports finding redundant data by allowing you to join the respective tables so that duplicates can be deleted.
  • Forms in Access 2016 are a practical feature for displaying data clearly. Compared to tables, they display only a single record, which simplifies manual entry and maintenance. These AutoForms can be created using the form layout tools.
  • On the one hand, the BigInt data type "Large Number" improves compatibility with MS SQL servers, and on the other hand, it can be used to calculate large numbers: BigInt has a much larger computational range with eight bytes than the previous data type with only four bytes.
  • The renewed support of dBASE files and of ODBC - Open Database Connectivity protocol - extends the application possibilities of Access with corresponding databases.

Skype for Business in Office 2016 Professional Plus

Skype for Business offers extensive ways to connect with other users internally or externally that go far beyond making phone calls. The communication software is an exclusive part of the Office 2016 edition Professional Plus. Skype for Business was developed specifically for effective, fast communication within the company as well as outside:

  • With the program, in addition to telephony (IP), it is also possible to conduct chats and video conferences, as well as to transfer files and even presentations through it - the operation is intuitive, as always. Skype for Business can be used either locally or in the cloud, the application and the range of functions are identical.
  • Communication via Skype for Business is secure thanks to dedicated authentication guidelines and encryption; the program also offers the option of centrally administering the user accounts of employees. However, employees or external participants without an account can also take part in Skype meetings.
  • The presence status of a user is indicated by an icon on the profile picture. Here there are various options to convey to others whether one is available but busy, or absent or inactive; even if one is present but does not want to be disturbed, this can be conveyed - depending on the choice, this also changes the options for communication.

System Requirements for Office 2016 Professional Plus:

MS Office Professional Plus is available in a 32-bit and a 64-bit version by default. Normally, the 64-bit version is automatically installed on the PC - however, on a 32-bit operating system with x86 processor, only the 32-bit version can be installed. Individual hardware requirements differ as a result - see the specifications for working space and hard disk space. Please note the following minimum requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows 7 or higher or Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows 10 Server
  • Processor: x86 or x64 bit processor with 1 GHz and SSE2
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM (32-bit), 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
  • Hard disk space: 3.0 GB
  • Display: 1,024 x 768 resolution
  • Graphics card: DirectX 10 graphics card for graphics hardware acceleration 

Buy MS Office 2016 Professional Plus cheap at Wiresoft in our online shop

The edition MS Office 2016 Professional Plus is not available in the other software trade, but can only be purchased as a volume license for companies. In the Wiresoft online shop Office 2016 Professional Plus is also available as a single-user license, namely as a purchase version - without update or other obligations as with a Microsoft subscription; you therefore only pay the one-time price when purchasing via Wiresoft! You purchase the full version of the Office edition, which offers the same scope of programs and functions as the volume license - with the only difference that this Office 2016 Professional Plus single license is used exclusively by yourself.

Secure software purchase with Wiresoft: For you as a customer, the purchase of Office 2016 Professional Plus or any other Office 2016 edition from Wiresoft is not only particularly favorable and convenient, but also secure: Your single-user license of Office 2016 Professional Plus software was part of a larger volume license, as sold by Microsoft only to larger companies. These also acquire the right to resell surplus software licenses to Wiresoft, for example.

These licenses were either not used, or they may have been superseded by a newer program version or no longer supported due to a general change of hardware or an update of the operating system in a company. When sold, the original volume license is broken up and converted into individual licenses - these are then referred to as used software. The splitting into single licenses does not change the scope of the programs in this Professional Plus edition nor their functionality, because they do not wear out through use.

All full program versions of MS Office Professional Plus or other Microsoft programs offered by Wiresoft are identical to the corresponding original Microsoft versions and editions and originate from first-time buyers (companies) located in Europe. When buying Office 2016 Professional Plus in the Wiresoft Software Shop, you also do not run any legal risk, because the trade with Used Software is expressly permitted by law, which has been clearly confirmed by numerous judgments.

This used software from Office 2016 Professional Plus can be installed on your computer immediately after your completed purchase and download and activated with the supplied multi-activation key (volume license key) and then used without any time restrictions.

Buying used software from Microsoft Office packages is not only convenient for Wiresoft customers, because they can buy normally unavailable Office editions, but also particularly favorable. Many self-employed and private users as well as SMEs therefore take advantage of our software offer: because with Wiresoft they not only get all the exclusive benefits of Office 2016 Professional Plus Edition, but also save money!

In the Wiresoft Software-Shop you can find the Office 2016 Professional Plus Edition as well as other editions and versions and many other Office-programs as a purchase version.

If you have any questions about Office 2016 Professional Plus or any other Microsoft Office 2016 Edition simply use our competent advice by e-mail, phone or chat.


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