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MS Project 2019 Professional - the project management software as purchase version Project 2019 Professional is the versatile, proven project management system for larger companies and organisations, offering a wide range of practical...
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MS Project 2019 Standard - the project management software as single user version for purchase Project 2019 Standard is the latest version of Microsoft's flexible project management system, which is aimed primarily at SMEs and...
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Buy Microsoft Project 2019: The future of project management

Microsoft Project 2019 marks a turning point in the world of project management. This software offers a wide range of innovative features that let you plan, monitor, and manage projects even more efficiently.

The Microsoft Project 2019 Revolution

Microsoft Project 2019 introduces numerous revolutions in project management that set it apart from its predecessors and other project management tools:

Agile Project Management

One of the groundbreaking features of Microsoft Project 2019 is the integration of agile project management methodologies. Project managers can now combine agile and traditional project management in a single platform. This enables a flexible and iterative approach to projects, which is especially beneficial in dynamic environments.

Advanced AI and automation

Microsoft Project 2019 uses advanced AI algorithms to help project managers automatically assign tasks and resources. The software can analyze historical data and make suggestions for optimizing project plans and resources.

Integrated collaboration and communication

The software seamlessly integrates communication and collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams. This enables smooth team communication and instant access to project information and documents.

Advanced reporting and dashboards

Microsoft Project 2019 offers advanced reporting and dashboarding capabilities. Project managers can create custom reports to track project metrics and progress in real time.

Better resource optimization and management

Resource optimization and management have been further improved. Project managers can allocate resources more efficiently and identify bottlenecks early.

The benefits of Microsoft Project 2019

Microsoft Project 2019 offers a wealth of benefits that organizations and project managers alike will appreciate:

Agile project management integration

The ability to integrate agile methodologies into project planning enables organizations to respond flexibly to changing requirements and market conditions.

Automation and AI support

Advanced AI capabilities and automated task and resource allocation save time and reduce manual planning tasks.

Efficient collaboration and communication

Seamless integration of communication and collaboration tools facilitates teamwork and information sharing.

Advanced reporting and dashboards

Project managers can create meaningful reports to track project progress and make informed decisions.

Optimized resource management

Improved resource optimization helps organizations use resources more efficiently and avoid bottlenecks.

Microsoft Project 2019 application areas

Microsoft Project 2019 is used in a wide range of industries and projects:

Software Development

In the IT industry, Microsoft Project 2019 helps companies plan and implement software development projects. The integration of agile methods enables flexible development.


In the construction industry, the software is used to plan construction projects, allocate resources efficiently, and optimize the construction schedule. Agile integration helps address unforeseen challenges.


In healthcare, Microsoft Project 2019 helps plan projects to implement new medical systems, improve patient care, and comply with regulatory requirements. The combination of agile planning and traditional project management enables adaptation to changing healthcare needs.

Marketing campaigns

Marketing teams use the software to plan marketing campaigns, assign tasks, and track campaign success. Agile integration enables adaptation to changing market conditions.

Why choose Microsoft Project 2019?

Microsoft Project 2019 offers a wealth of reasons why it is the preferred choice for organizations and project managers:

Agile project management integration

Agile integration enables organizations to be more agile to change and get to market faster.

Automation and AI support

Automated task and resource allocation saves time and enables more efficient project planning.

Efficient collaboration and communication

Integration of communication and collaboration tools promotes teamwork and information sharing.

Advanced reporting and dashboards

The ability to generate meaningful reports improves decision making and enables better project management.

Optimized resource management

Improved resource optimization helps organizations deploy resources more efficiently and avoid bottlenecks.


Microsoft Project 2019 has taken project management into the future. With its integration of agile methodologies, advanced AI support, efficient collaboration, and advanced reporting capabilities, it offers a comprehensive solution for planning and managing projects in an ever-changing business world. Agile integration enables organizations to respond flexibly to change, while automation and AI support streamline project planning. With Microsoft Project 2019, organizations are well equipped to successfully complete projects while increasing flexibility and efficiency. This makes it an indispensable resource for modern project management.