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Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Standard Edition Windows Exchange Server 2016 offers a reliable messaging platform to centrally manage emails and contacts as well as appointments and tasks, this is the server version of Windows 10 ....
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Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Enterprise Windows Server 2016 is a proven messaging platform for centralized management of emails and contacts as well as appointments and tasks and the server version of Windows 10. Especially larger...
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Benefits with Microsoft Exchange Server 2016

The communication system Exchange Server 2016 is an important component of every modern company in the control and management of processes. The powerful server software makes a comprehensive contribution to increasing efficiency in companies: all contacts and e-mails can be centrally managed and clearly archived. It also facilitates joint work on documents, including version management. The differentiated rights management also defines the individual access of employees to appointments.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 thus offers maximum control and transparency, as well as flexibility and productivity. By simplifying workflows, the software enables users to save time and money, which also increases competitiveness.

Exchange Server 2016 - The most important new features of Exchange Server 2016 at a glance

Exchange Server 2016 includes a number of important new features as well as enhancements to the previous version, Exchange Server 2013, with the primary development goal of optimizing the server architecture by reducing the number of server roles to two: Mailbox and Edge Transport. Scaling has also been simplified and support for various cloud services has been improved.

Exchange Server 2016 - Outlook on the Web

Web access to Exchange Server, previously known as Outlook Web Access or Outlook Web App, has been extensively redesigned  by Microsoft and also renamed Outlook on the Web.

The web interface was also optimized so that Outlook can be used on a smartphone or tablet under Android or iOS without prior installation of the Outlook app. In addition to the Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 browsers, Outlook also works with Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox without major limitations.

The "Sweep" function simplifies the management of e-mails from a specific sender. For example, they can be kept for a defined number of days, or only the most recent message is stored.

The calendar has also received a new look and new features. These include e-mail reminders for calendar events and the ability to suggest a different time for meeting invitations.

Exchange Server 2016 - Improved search

The search architecture eDiscovery has also been revised in Exchange Server 2016; it now works asynchronously and decentrally, using multiple servers. As a result, the search is now much faster, and when you enter a search term in Outlook 2016 or in Outlook on the Web, suggestions appear based on frequently used contacts, the e-mails in the mailbox, and previous search queries. Contextual filters, such as date ranges and related senders, help you find the information you're looking for more easily. With Outlook on the Web, you can also search your own or other people's calendars.

Exchange Server 2016 - Improved scalability

Another advantage of the new architecture of Exchange Server 2016 is the improved scalability of the sweep. The number of mailboxes that can be searched has been increased from 5,000 to 10,000 for both mailboxes and archive mailboxes, making a total of 20,000 mailboxes searched simultaneously.

Exchange Server 2016 - Improved collaboration

In Outlook 2016 or Outlook on the Web, files stored in the Microsoft cloud services OneDrive for Business and SharePoint 2016 can now be included in an e-mail as a link instead of as a file attachment. The access rights can be individually adapted and automatically set. The recipient can open the linked file directly as an attachment.

Exchange Server 2016 - Hybrid Cloud support

Exchange Server 2016 also supports hybrid scenarios. This makes no difference whether a mailbox is located on a local server or in the cloud. Local mailboxes can also be used with the cloud extensions Exchange Online Archiving and Azure Rights Management.

Protection against data loss with DLP

With Data Loss Prevention (DLP), an extension of the transport rules, the security of data has been enhanced. DLP in Exchange Server 2016 helps protect sensitive corporate data from unauthorized access. Data Loss Prevention includes new methods for classifying and sending confidential information without hindering users in their workflow. If data is in danger of being intercepted, users are notified in both Outlook and the Web version. DLP also warns when users receive tampered emails or emails with attachments that contain malware.

To be able to use the DLP functions for Exchange Server 2016, a

Enterprise Client Access License (CAL) required.

Exchange Server 2016 - Standard protocol MAPI over HTTP

The default Outlook protocol for communicating with Exchange is MAPI over HTTP in Exchange Server 2016. MAPI over HTTP improves the reliability and stability of Outlook and Exchange connections and the visibility of transport errors. In addition, Outlook connects to the server much more quickly after a hibernation or network change. MAPI over HTTP supports the continuation of an interrupted connection, and no reconnection is required if the connection is interrupted briefly.

Windows Exchange Server 2016 Standard Edition

Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 in the Standard enables flexible, transparent and cost-efficient communication within a company. This includes, above all, the professional joint management and archiving of e-mails, contacts and appointments. Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Standard supports up to 5 mailbox databases and is therefore ideally suited for small to medium-sized companies.

The simplified architecture of the Exchange functionality has two roles: The "Mailbox" role provides the main functionality. It receives the client requests and maintains databases. The "Edge Transport" role, on the other hand, provides additional security for the transmission of e-mail between the internal network and the Internet. The virtualization rights of Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Standard allow the operation of 2 virtual machines or 2 Hyper-V containers.

Windows Exchange Server 2016 Enterprise Edition

The most important difference compared to the Standard is the possibility to operate far more databases with the Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Enterprise Edition. Up to 100 mailbox databases per server, each with up to 2 terabytes, can be integrated and managed, making Enterprise particularly suitable for larger companies and organizations or institutions.

To do this, the Exchange Admin Center offers the use of features such as Office 365 Groups and Data Loss Prevention. Data Loss Prevention not only prevents confidential information from being shared with unauthorized people, but also prevents potentially harmful messages from ending up in a mailbox with built-in Intelligent Message Filter (IMF) and SmartScreen Filter technology.

Furthermore, users benefit from centralized data storage as well as the control of storage requirements and compliance requirements.

Compared to the Standard, the Enterprise Edition for Exchange Server also has more comprehensive virtualization rights: It allows the operation of an unlimited number of virtual machines and Hyper-V containers.

It also offers Storage Spaces Direct, Storage Replica and Shielded Virtual Machines, a new network stack and OneDrive for Business for updating, editing and sharing data in real-time.

System requirements for Windows Exchange Server 2016

In order to use Windows Exchange Server 2016 fully and trouble-free, certain requirements of network, hardware, software and clients are necessary.

Likewise, client communication via desktop requires the installation of Microsoft Outlook. The hardware must meet the following requirements:

As operating system can be used: Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard (SP1), Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise (SP1), Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter (RTM or higher), Windows Server 2012 Standard or Datacenter, Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard or Datacenter, Windows Server 2016 Standard or Datacenter

A powerful 64-bit processor or alternatively an AMD processor with AMD64 platform support is required.

hard disk: In addition to at least 30 GB of hard disk space on the installation drive, 500 MB are required for the installation of each Unified Messaging voice packet and at least 500 MB for the queue database.

Minimum screen resolution: 1,024 x 768 pixels

Which versions of Windows Exchange Server 2016 are available at Wiresoft?

From Wiresoft you can get Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 in the two editions Standard and Enterprise. While the Standard is designed for the mailbox requirements of small to medium-sized companies and home Office, the Enterprise edition meets the more comprehensive needs of larger companies or institutions. Users also benefit from the full range of functions of the Exchange Server 2016 version.

Windows Exchange Server 2016 licensing

When you purchase a Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Edition, Wiresoft does not provide you with a physical data carrier, but a Single User Medialess License Kit (MLK).

After successful installation, register online on the Microsoft website. We will provide you with all the necessary data for the registration when you purchase. This way you also benefit from regular updates and are always up to date.

Exchange Server 2016 already includes the web application Outlook on the Web for browser-based access. To use all functions of the desktop version, the purchase of Microsoft Outlook is necessary. This client software is also available at a reasonable price from Wiresoft.

No matter whether you choose Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Standard or Enterprise: The Microsoft Server software available from Wiresoft is exclusively original products from the European area. All Wiresoft software products are unused licenses which have been legally purchased by companies. They have been checked by Wiresoft for absolute authenticity and full functionality. Our previous customers can confirm this. Please contact us for further information if you have any questions about your software needs.