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Microsoft Licensing Professional (MLP)

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Visio 2019 is the latest version of the sophisticated Microsoft software for the informative visualization of both business and technical processes and contexts; with the included tools and forms, even complex issues or data sets can be clearly presented and communicated. The desktop interface already familiar from the MS Office programs makes it particularly easy to get started with Visio 2019, so that even new users can quickly find their way around and intuitively use the various tools and features to convert existing data or even ideas into informative diagrams, depending on the project requirements: The shapes available for this purpose in Visio 2019 Professional are suitable for the detailed creation of workflows and organizational charts as well as technical processes and systems, etc. - the "wireframe model" shape is new here. In addition, especially in the Professional Edition, UML structure diagrams are now also offered, which are suitable for modeling classes and interfaces. Furthermore, the software has been optimized for easier import and faster processing of DWG files from AutoCAD.

For further questions about the product, please contact our customer service.

Product information "MICROSOFT VISIO 2019 PROFESSIONAL"

Visio 2019 Professional - the professional Microsoft visualization software as single license for purchase

Visio 2019 is the latest version of Microsoft's mature software for the informative visualization of both business and technical processes and interrelationships; with the tools and forms it contains, even complex issues or data volumes can be clearly presented and communicated.

Visio 2019 is particularly easy to use via the desktop interface already familiar from MS Office programs, so that even new users can quickly find their way around and intuitively use the various tools and features to transform existing data or ideas into informative diagrams depending on project requirements: The shapes available for this purpose in Visio 2019 Professional are suitable for the detailed creation of workflows and organization charts as well as technical processes and plants etc. - the shape "wireframe" is new here. The Professional Edition now also offers UML structure diagrams that are suitable for modeling classes and interfaces. Furthermore, the software has been optimized for easier import and faster processing of DWG files from AutoCAD.

Visio 2019 Professional has also been improved for use on a touch-enabled device, so that the program can be operated on the corresponding end devices with a digital pen or just with the finger, also for drawing or adding notes. And when connected to Azure Active Directory or an Exchange Server, Visio 2019 allows data to be imported directly into shapes from Excel, for example.

For which users is the Visio 2019 Professional Edition intended?

In addition to medium-sized companies, the Visio 2019 Professional Edition is primarily intended for larger companies and organizations where teamwork is a priority when it comes to creating visualizations of processes and business structures etc. professionally and at a very high level. For this purpose, a large number of shapes, clearly arranged in templates, is available, which can be further adapted according to your own requirements and then also saved as new own templates for reuse. Via MS SharePoint Server or OneDrive, the diagrams created with Visio 2019 can also be shared in the cloud with colleagues in the team or partners and made available using the integrated commentary function.

The Professional Edition of Microsoft Visio 2019 offered in the software shop at Wiresoft is a single license in a purchased version - this is used software which has a significantly lower price compared to regular retailers who usually only sell it under a volume license contract. This provides companies of all sizes with an economical opportunity to make extensive use of this professional visualization software from Microsoft in their operations.

The Wiresoft Software online shop also offers other Microsoft applications compatible with Visio 2019 as discounted used software individual licenses, such as Windows 10, which is a mandatory requirement for using Vision 2019. The following overview briefly presents the most important features and innovations of the Visio 2019 Professional Edition.

Use extensive selection of Visio diagrams or simply create your own shapes

Visio 2019 Professional contains a very large number of Visio diagrams for all conceivable areas of application; these are clearly organized in different templates, in which the respective individual shapes are contained. Shapes can be filled directly with text, whereby the program automatically inserts this text when writing, but they can also be linked directly to an Excel table or an Exchange database or data can be imported via MS SharePoint or OneDrive Services.

The Visio 2019 Professional portfolio offers more than 600 shapes for this purpose, around 400 of which are also "intelligent" shapes: the meta-data linked to them is automatically adapted to the relevant shape when it is updated. In addition, many shapes are industry standard compliant, so these diagrams contain binding information. All in all, Visio 2019 Professional Edition offers users everything they need for creative work, in order to present processes or systems in an understandable way. Visio 2019 Professional Edition also includes more:

New: UML diagrams exclusively in the Visio 2019 Professional Edition

Visio 2019 Professional's built-in UML tools make it easy to create communication, component, and deployment diagrams to visualize ports and interfaces, relationships, and components: UML - Unified Modeling Language - was developed as a graphical modeling language especially for the visualization and documentation as well as the specification and design of software components and other systems.

Just to name a few examples of the possible applications of UML diagrams in Visio 2019 Professional: UML class diagrams provide a static view of the classes and relationships between objects in a system, while component diagrams partition a system into related components and can also display the structure of a piece of code. UML deployment diagrams also illustrate the configuration of hardware and software elements, and UML sequence diagrams show all actors or objects involved in an interaction.

New: Database Notation Diagrams

The Professional Edition also includes Database Notation Diagrams, also called Entity Relationship Model (ER Model or ERM), which can be used to create a graphical model of a simple or complex database.

Other improvements and additions in Visio 2019

In addition, Visio 2019 Professional also offers other new types of diagrams and features, as well as optimized support for AutoCAD files:

New startup diagrams allow a faster start with Visio 2019

Visio 2019 also includes new brainstorming, organizational charting and Specification and Description Language (SDL) startup diagrams that are often used to display flow charts, workflows and timelines. The program also offers practical tips on how to create a corresponding diagram type, which is especially helpful for beginners.

The shapes already included in Visio 2019 Professional can also be adapted to suit your own requirements. The design tools - such as gradients and transparency, effects such as shadow and glow, reflection and 3D - can be used to edit individual components: texts can be changed in direction, formatting and color, and lines/edges can be adjusted in thickness, style and color; it is also possible to edit the entire diagram.

Users can create their own shapes in Vision 2019 Professional and save them to be available as a master shape the next time they use them by adding them to the "Favorites" template.

New: Wireframe Diagrams

Also new in Visio 2019 is the wireframe diagram type; wireframe diagrams are used primarily to outline ideas for the user interface of an application, its functions and content during app development.

New: Support for AutoCAD has been optimized

Visio 2019 now supports AutoCAD in Visio 2019 with improved and enhanced support for importing DWG or DXF files created with AutoCAD 2007 or earlier, with faster import, better scaling, and smoother shape overlay. AutoCAD objects imported into Visio 2019 include

Building floor plans or plans can be converted into a Visio shape and then supplemented with additional shapes, e.g. to plan the arrangement and distribution of workstations or machines and equipment in a room.

Typical Visio diagram types of the Visio 2019 Professional Edition

The following diagram types are only examples of the most commonly used shapes available in Visio 2019 Professional:

For building design and engineering:

  • Floor plans illustrate the use of rooms, e.g. for room planning in a company or organization.
  • Building plans enable IEEE-compliant technical representations of infrastructure or building services, e.g. circuits, installations, pipelines and other systems.

Company and project-related processes:

  • Flowcharts visualize the individual phases of business processes or technical procedures,
  • especially swimlane diagrams are used to assign individual work steps to different departments in the company.
  • Cross-functional flowcharts of the IDEF0 diagram type model system or company decisions, while BPMN diagrams are used especially in business informatics or process management.
  • Business process diagrams are used to explain complex operational processes.
  • Pivot diagrams are used to evaluate large amounts of data, while
  • Timeline diagrams document the flow of business processes.
  • 3D bar charts illustrate e.g. sales, profits or other KPIs.

Technical representations:

  • Process flow diagrams are mainly used to visualize chemical and industrial processes and the equipment required for them.
  • IT diagrams, such as ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) diagrams, are used to illustrate functions and roles predefined in a system, e.g. in active directories and databases.

Other structural diagram types:

  • Organization charts illustrate the structure of organization and hierarchies, including dependencies.
  • Sequence diagrams contain all participants in an interaction, including events.
  • Activity diagrams, on the other hand, describe internal behavior in methods and on actions.
  • State diagrams illustrate, for example, the product life cycle of objects.
  • Use case diagrams visualize the individual phases of a project, while
  • Communication diagrams within a system show the interaction of the elements.

Hardware and other requirements for using Microsoft Visio 2019 Professional

Basically, the MS Vision 2019 Professional Edition in both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions can only be used in conjunction with Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019! Further information on the respective minimum requirements can be found in the following overview:

  • Processor: min. 1.6 GHz, dual core
  • Operating systems (absolutely necessary): Windows 10, Windows Server 2019
  • Working memory: at least 4 GB RAM (64-bit) or 2 GB RAM (32-bit)
  • Hard disk space: at least 4.0 GB free space
  • Display/screen resolution: 1,280 x 768
  • Graphic: DirectX 10 graphics card to speed up the graphics hardware
  • .NET version: For certain Vision 2019 functions the installation of .NET 3.5 or 4.6 is required
  • The use of the described functions for cloud-based usage of Visio files requires an account from OneDrive, OneDrive for Business or SharePoint

MS Visio 2019 Professional Edition - Buy your single license cheaply at Wiresoft

Wiresoft offers the MS Visio 2019 Professional Edition in the online shop as a single user license, this is so-called used software, which has a significantly lower price compared to the comparable new software. The purchase version of Visio 2019 offers you not only a price reduction but also the further big advantage of its temporally unlimited usability, in contrast to a subscription version.

The offered single user license of the Professional Edition of MS Visio 2019 comes from a volume license of this Microsoft program, which was first purchased and possibly also used by a company. When this volume license was resold, it was split into single licenses and thus marked as used software or "Used Software". Neither the splitting of the Visio 2019 Professional Volume License into such individual licenses nor the subsequent re-labelling as "Used Software" implies any restrictions with regard to its functionality or usability - not only because this process does not violate any valid legal provisions, but also because software generally cannot wear out.

Buying software with Wiresoft - for you always a safe business with many advantages! When you buy a license available in the Wiresoft Shop, e.g. MS Visio 2019 Professional, you benefit not only from the really low price but also from the secure instant download after the completed payment process and the immediate activation of the software license with the included volume license key. And: The purchase of used software licenses for exclusive Microsoft program editions such as MS Visio 2019 Professional or other programs gives you the opportunity to use them yourself without subscription restrictions.

In the Wiresoft software shop for Microsoft used software, you will find Visio 2019 Professional Edition as well as other editions or versions of Visio and other Microsoft software, e.g. Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019, which are required to use Visio 2019 Professional. If you have questions about MS Visio 2019 Professional or any other Microsoft software offered in the shop, simply use our competent advice in the chat or by e-mail or telephone.

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