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MS Project 2021 Standard - the latest version of the project management software as a purchase...more
Product information "MICROSOFT PROJECT 2021 STANDARD"

MS Project 2021 Standard - the latest version of the project management software as a purchase version

Project 2021 Standard is the latest version of the versatile Microsoft project management software, which is primarily designed for SMEs and self-employed persons to design, control and finally document business projects. For this purpose, the application offers comprehensive functions that are necessary for the differentiated control of all phases and components. In addition, many typical templates are available for selection, which represent all the essential processes that play an important role in the management of all tasks and phases that arise, supplemented by many practical features that enable efficient work on one or more projects.

The MS Project 2021 Standard Edition thus meets all the requirements for successful portfolio, risk and document management, including the central administration of resources and time recording. The pre-installed Gantt charts with several integrated schedules, among other things for a quicker understanding of the various task relationships, offer clarity, especially in complex projects; for reporting on the status quo and after completion, integrated reports are also available, which clearly provide essential findings and information in communication with other participants.

Who is MS Project 2021 Standard designed for?

The Standard Edition of Microsoft Project 2021 was developed especially for those users who usually design various projects on their own and manage them through all phases and details, which is often the case especially with self-employed persons as well as small to medium-sized companies. Like previous versions, this standard edition of MS Project does not offer integrated synchronization with Microsoft SharePoint or Project Server, but it does have all the necessary functions - including business intelligence tools - to control the typical areas of project planning and management: the creation of project schedules, cost planning, differentiated administration of tasks, and ongoing and final reporting.

Wiresoft already offers the Microsoft Project 2021 Standard Edition as used software in the form of a single license as a purchase version - and at a significantly lower price. Contact our team and find out immediately when it will be available for you.

Also find out about all other Microsoft applications available in the Wiresoft Software online shop, which you can also buy as Used Software offered at a reduced price, as well as Microsoft programs compatible with Project 2021 Standard, such as Windows 10. The following overview informs you about the most important optimizations and features of the new MS Project 2021 Standard Edition.

What can MS Project 2021 Standard do?

Already visually, Project 2021 Standard offers a clearer, more focused desktop interface that stands out from older versions. The "Colored", "Dark Gray" and "White" designs, which are also familiar from Office, are available here, with the latter in particular creating a focused working atmosphere.

New projects can be created in MS Project 2021 Standard with just a few clicks, even by inexperienced users, because a large selection of typical templates for common project types is available; alternatively, professionals can also use a neutral, empty Gantt chart. Import data and task lists into Project from Excel, Word, Outlook or PowerPoint, retaining the appropriate formatting and outlines.

Easier project creation in Project 2021 Standard

In addition to the standard templates and an empty Gantt chart (bar view), Project 2021 Standard provides many other templates such as the network diagram (flowchart) for special projects as well as views as a form, sheet (table) or depending on the use (columns) to display a project, as well as other extensive options such as various filters to clearly display individual tasks and resources including their links as well as assignments depending on the desired aspect.

Structuring and linking project tasks

In Project 2021 Standard, tasks can be imported into a bar chart using the task mask, which also supports the simultaneous addition of several tasks, including the assignment of the respective resources as well as the relationships. Tasks can be linked to each other using the drop-down menu, for example, and this option is also available via the "Collective task name" field in the task table. For each time axis, start and end dates can be specified separately. Time axis bars can be labeled and the progress of the task can be displayed, which provides more clarity about the tasks involved.

To display hierarchies within a project, individual tasks can also be given a positive or negative indent using the tab key; changes are then automatically applied to all the relevant tasks, which is particularly important for more complex project schedules. Individual tasks in a project can also be linked together as required in order to display them in a relationship. To do this, simply select the appropriate cell in the "Predecessor" column to display all associated tasks and activate the appropriate one.

Other important areas in MS Project Standard 2021

MS Project 2021 Standard also has all the proven features for portfolio management as well as resource management and report generation, in some cases with additional optimizations.  

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management, one of the most important components of MS Project 2021 Standard, records all projects and monitors their progress. This means that project managers always have an overview of the current status and can react immediately if a project is not going according to plan, e.g. if certain tasks have not yet been completed according to the schedule, costs are running out of control or resources are not available or are running short. Thanks to the automatic updating, the current status can be displayed immediately with a single click.

Thanks to the connection to Power BI, the budget management in MS Project 2021 Standard Edition has detailed display options for analysis, including suggestions for improvements.

Resource Management

Resource management in MS Project 2021 Standard allows detailed, clearer and therefore more efficient planning and management of the resources involved thanks to the integrated tools and features. Here, the different types are differentiated according to "labor", "material" and "costs", which are centrally managed via the resource pool, especially for cross-project planning, and precisely assigned to individual tasks; this allows restrictions on their time availability as well as cost limits to be taken into account and risks regarding the utilization of manpower and overloads to be avoided.

Reporting in MS Project Standard 2021

An essential aspect of Agile Project Management in particular is the creation of reports to visualize project data for specific purposes - to illustrate the status quo of an ongoing project, or to share important insights with others after its completion. Users will find a selection of typical report templates for the most common project types available in Project 2021 Standard, which can be further enhanced with graphs, images and charts. Project data can be provided in .PDF, .XPS, .CSV, .XML as well as Microsoft Excel workbook formats in addition to formats such as Project 2007.

Hardware requirements for Microsoft Project 2021 Standard

It is anticipated that the following minimum requirements will apply to this 2021 version of Microsoft Project 2021 Standard, additional requirements may need to be considered depending on the use of additional apps or programs:

  • Operating Systems: Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server 2019/2022
  • Processor: min. 1.6 GHz, Dual Core (32 or 64 Bit)
  • RAM: 2 GB RAM (32 bit) or 4 GB RAM (64 bit)
  • Hard drive space: 4 GB
  • Screen resolution: 1,280 x 768 pixels
  • Graphics card: DirectX 10
  • Special cloud file management features may require OneDrive, OneDrive for Business or SharePoint

If you have any questions or need more details about Microsoft Project 2021 Standard Edition, please contact a member of the Wiresoft team.

Buy Microsoft Project 2021 Standard in the Wiresoft Software Shop

The new MS Project 2021 Standard Edition is already available in the Wiresoft Software Shop as a used single license - thus the price is lower than the price of corresponding new software of this edition. When you buy used software for Microsoft Project 2021 Standard from Wiresoft, you benefit from these advantages:

  • Legal basis for the resale of used Microsoft Project software is the applicable law, which allows both the sale and purchase as well as the use of this Project software.
  • When you buy from Wiresoft, you receive a single license of MS Project 2021 Standard, which was previously purchased and resold by a European company. By reselling, this license of MS Project 2021 Standard is marked as used without "used" implying any restrictions on the functionality of the Project software or stating that this license has actually been used.
  • If an initial purchaser had already installed and activated this license or the Microsoft Project Standard software, this was deleted again with the sale to Wiresoft, so that the software license in question is 100% freely available again.
  • MS Project 2021 Standard as well as other used Microsoft licenses offered for sale at Wiresoft are neither limited usable or time limited test versions, nor do they contain an already activated license key, but it is a software product authorized after your purchase only for yourself.
  • All such used licenses purchased from Wiresoft have also been tested by us for full usability prior to sale.
  • Immediately after the successfully completed purchase, your MS Project 2021 Standard application is available to you via Electronic Software Delivery (ESD).
  • Thus, when you buy a license with Wiresoft, you can be sure that you are buying and using a legal and original Microsoft product of the Standard Edition of Project 2021.

If you have any further questions about your used license purchase of Microsoft Project 2021 Standard as used software or another edition of MS Project 2021 as well as older MS Project versions or other Microsoft software, please contact us by e-mail, phone or chat.

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