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Device CALs for Remote Desktop Services to Windows Server 2019 as used software In order to...more

Device CALs for Remote Desktop Services to Windows Server 2019 as used software

In order to be able to use the Remote Desktop Services (RDS) of Windows Servers, every user needs a Client Access License (CAL), which allows him to access the Windows programs in a company network - including the files - and locally independently. For this purpose, there are, among others, Device CALs for the Remote Desktop Services, through which these are made available to a registered end device (Device) for a remote desktop session. The RDS Device CALs as used software from Wiresoft are a low-priced alternative to conventional license providers, because they offer the same functionality as the CALs in the official Microsoft volume licensing program.

What are the benefits of RDS CALs for Windows Server 2019?

Remote Desktop Services - formerly known as Terminal Services - is a dedicated server role in Windows Server 2019 or its older versions. RDS control access to Windows programs available through the respective Windows Server host via a remote desktop session. Users who have a corresponding client access license - in this case, for example, an RDS Device CAL - can then use them with the PC, laptop or similar equipped with it in a corporate network or locally independently (remotely) via an Internet connection.

In addition to the benefits they have for users with Device (and User) CALs, Windows Remote Desktop Services also offer many advantages for administrators, as they make administration much more efficient: Software can be deployed centrally in an enterprise environment, eliminating the need to install it individually on each endpoint. Instead, it is provided at a single location - the server - and also updated if necessary.

Access by RDS CAL-authorized users is also controlled, as specific rights can be assigned to each user. The overall effort for maintenance and provisioning of workstations is thus significantly reduced by RDS CALs for Windows Server.

What are the advantages of Remote Desktop Service Device CALs for users?

Users equipped with an RDS Device CAL for Windows Server 2019 thus benefit from a standardized Windows working environment, no matter from which location they access it with their registered end device - and no matter which user uses Remote Desktop Services on the PC, laptop, tablet, etc. in question.

When the authorized end device accesses a particular program via the Device CAL during a remote desktop session with the host, it will run on the server, regardless of other client connections. The user will only see its own session.

If older devices have weaker performance or hardware, Remote Desktop Services allows them to leverage the power of the Windows server, reducing the cost of deploying newer hardware as well.

Version Compatibility for Remote Desktop Service CALs for Windows Server

A Device CAL for a device with access rights (or a User CAL) must always be compatible with the current Windows Server version, otherwise it cannot be used to establish a remote connection for a session. A 2019 RDS Device CAL can therefore access (downgrade) Windows Server 2019 or even an older server version such as 2016 - but not possible higher server versions in the future.

Comparison of Device CALs vs. User CALs for Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop Services

Basically: the implementation of a Microsoft Server software is always independent of its actual usage - for this, a corresponding access license is required. Microsoft regulates these access rights for the use of a Windows Server via its own licensing system, this is based on the Client Access Licences or abbreviated CALs. As already described above, CALs for Remote Desktop Services ensure that even locally independent only those employees who are authorized to do so have access to the Windows server. In addition to the options for the server administrators for the differentiated management of access rights, the RDS CAL system also means additional security, as foreign users or unregistered end devices without an access license (Device CAL) have no access to the services or data available via it.

Microsoft offers two different types of CALs available for Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop Services:

  • Device CAL for RDS, when a single endpoint (PC, Laptop, Table, Mobile) is granted access rights
  • User CAL for RDS, when a specific user is granted access rights

Special features of the Device CAL for Remote Desktop Services 2019

In principle, the Device CAL applies exclusively to a single, dedicated end device that is registered accordingly. The Device CAL for Remote Desktop Services regulates its access rights to a Windows server or host for each Remote Desktop session. Each employee who is allowed or able to use the PC, laptop, etc. in question,  can then make use of the Remote Desktop Services. In the case of laptops, tablets or mobile devices, which can be used regardless of location, the respective user is free to choose whether to use the RDS at the company location, on the road or in the home office.

In the per-device licensing mode, the first time a connection is established between the client computer and the end device, a temporary access license is granted for this connection. Once this connection is made for the second time with a server hosting remote desktop sessions, a permanent Device RDS CAL is issued for it - assuming one is available.

Here's an overview of the features of Device CALs for RDS from Windows Server 2019

  • Device CALs are always physically assigned to a specific endpoint - not to an individual user
  • Each RDS Device CAL is tracked by the applicable license server, and is
  • independent of any registration in the Active Directory
  • Temporarily available RDS CALs for Devices are valid between 52 and 89 days
  • The number of Device CALs defined cannot be overloaded


Which type of Remote Desktops Service CAL offers more advantages in a company therefore depends on the individual case. It is also not possible to change a Device CAL to a User CAL and vice versa. The decision for a certain type of Client Access Licensing must therefore be made at the time of purchase. For Device CALs it depends on the number of employees and workstations: If, for example, several employees use one end device, or if they work predominantly at the company location, then the Device CAL for RDS offers more advantages.

Technical information about the Remote Desktop Services of Windows Server 2019

For CALs for Windows Server 2019 RDS, they are made up of several components that ultimately allow an endpoint or user to use Windows programs:

  • Remote Desktop Licensing governs the use of RDS CALs and provides them to a device.
  • The Remote Desktop Session Host manages all desktops or programs that are made available to a device (or user) per session.
  • The Remote Desktop Connection Broker manages the RDS connections and restores them in the event of a drop during a session.
  • The Remote Desktop Gateway controls access by endpoint to a Windows desktop on a public network.
  • TheWeb Access for Remote Desktop Services provides access via RDS CAL through a Web portal for specific users or groups.

Buy Microsoft Device CALs for Remote Desktop Services 2019 cheap as single licenses at Wiresoft in our online shop

Device CALs for the RDS of Windows Server 2019 are already available as single licenses in the Wiresoft Online Shop - as used software at a particularly favorable price, without any disadvantages regarding usability.

What are used Device CALs for Windows Remote Desktop Services?

The Device CALs for the Remote Desktop Services of Windows Server 2019 offered for sale in the Wiresoft Online Shop are access licenses for end devices from a corresponding volume license that originate from another company. Wiresoft has purchased unneeded single access licenses for end devices or the entire volume license from this company, dissolved the latter and offers these client access single licenses for devices.

With the sale or their splitting up, these were henceforth designated as used software. However, this new designation does not imply any restriction on the usability of Remote Desktop Services, even for a limited period of time, nor any general wear and tear on the functions of the RDS Device CAL.

What security do Remote Desktop Services Device CALs offer as used software?

With Wiresoft, buying used software is not only cheaper for you, but also secure! Even a Single User CAL for Microsoft Remote Desktop Services for Windows Server 2019 not only has a lower price at Wiresoft compared to comparable new goods, but also offers buyer security with the immediate download and license activation with the supplied valid volume license key.

The Microsoft RDS Device CALs for Windows Server 2019 offered by Wiresoft come exclusively from the license inventories of organizations or companies. Therefore, not only the purchase of CALs for RDS or other access licenses for a Microsoft program as used software, but also their use does not represent a violation of legal provisions for our customers, because both the trade with as well as the use of CALs as used software is legally permitted, which has been clearly confirmed again and again by various court decisions.

Your advantages with used software of Device CALs for Remote Desktop Services 2019

By offering to buy Device CALs individually or in a larger number for Remote Desktop Services of Windows Server 2019 - or also other client access licenses - as Used Software from Wiresoft, you as our customer not only have a cheaper alternative compared to comparable conventional offers to license your remote access to Windows Server services, you also have the possibility to purchase RDS CALs for earlier versions of Windows Server in the online shop. This also allows you to supplement the number of client access licenses for your existing older server constellation including Microsoft programs without having to fear compatibility problems. Benefit from our wide range of different versions of Microsoft RDS CALs for Windows Server as used software!

In the Wiresoft Software Shop, you will find Device CALs for Windows Server 2019 as well as corresponding User CALs and additional client access licenses for Remote Desktop Services of older versions of Windows Server as well as for other Microsoft Server programs - as inexpensive used software for immediate download. If you have any questions about RDS Device CALs for Windows Server 2019 or any other Microsoft product, please contact us via chat, email or phone.

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