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Der Kinderschutzbund – Bundesverband

With every purchase at Wiresoft you support the Kinderschutzbund.


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Der Kinderschutzbund – Bundesverband

With every purchase at Wiresoft you support the Kinderschutzbund.

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Product information "VMWARE vSPHERE 6 ENTERPRISE"

VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise is a powerful virtualization platform that can help your business save costs and increase efficiency. With vSphere 6, you can run more applications on fewer servers, improve availability and security, and reduce complexity and management costs. Plus, with VMware 's leading virtualization technology, you can be sure your business has the performance it needs to stay competitive in today's market.

VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise is the perfect solution for businesses looking to maximize IT efficiency and optimize their return on investment. Below are three reasons why your organization should upgrade to VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise:

1) VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise provides a high level of security and reliability. The software has been tested and certified to the most rigorous industry standards, so you can rest assured that your data is protected. In addition, VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise has built-in redundancy to ensure that your systems remain operational in the event of a disaster.

2) VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise makes it easy to Management your IT infrastructure. The intuitive graphical interface lets you quickly deploy new Server or make changes to your existing environment. And thanks to the comprehensive suite of Management tools, you can monitor all aspects of your virtual infrastructure from one central location.

3) VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise offers outstanding performance and scalability. The software supports up to 64 processors and 1 TB of RAM Pro host-Server making it ideal for large enterprises with complex IT environments. In addition, VMware 's patented Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) feature ensures that resources are always efficiently distributed across all hosts in the cluster, allowing you to scale as needed without sacrificing performance.


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